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1540 Market Street
San Francisco, CA

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(415) 848 - 9099

About Paradigm Power and Planning

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California Electrical C10: 1071795

Paradigm Power is an California C10 electrical contractor and boutique energy company that specializes in the projects that advance green technology and renewable energy. Our background began with core services in lighting control systems, Title 24 compliance, commercial solar, and level two EV infrastructure. While we still perform this services from time to time, our passion has turned towards the future of green technology and renewable energy.

Since Paradigm's inception in 2016, we've championed the testing and application of new technology by providing our client's services such as consulting, financing, design, engineering, installation, and project management in the bleeding edge space of the green technology sector. Our success stories include vehicle-to-grid projects, grid-interactive microgrids, off-grid homes, DC-to-DC technology, and unique energy storage applications.

New clients and projects generally come to Paradigm Power by word of mouth. We're not your rank and file electrical contractor racing to the bottom to provide a barebones profit heavy bid. At Paradigm, we're overly educated engineers, electricians, and technology wiz kids with a passion for the projects that challenge us. If Paradigm is working on your project, it's most likely because you couldn't find another company with the expertise and experience to turn your green energy and sustainability dreams into reality.


Paradigm President - Christopher D. Smith

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