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1540 Market Street
San Francisco, CA

Call Paradigm:
(415) 848 - 9099

Microgrids & Net Zero Energy


Paradigm has designed, installed, and managed numerous micogrids ranging in size from utility scale, to smaller systems for residential and niche purposes. Our microgrids include, but are not limited to:

  • PV Solar

  • Generators

  • Small-Scale Wind

  • Energy Storage Systems

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure 





Paradigm Power has been actively involved in the retrofitting and ground-up construction of Net Zero Energy (NZE) since 2015. Our experience continues to grow and we are ready for California's 2020 Residential & 2030 Commercial standards mandating all new construction be Net Zero Energy.  

If you have a project involving a building retrofit or ground-up construction intended for Net Zero Energy, let's talk. We can pave the way.

See our portfolio for more information.

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