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Research & Development Project

Bleeding Edge & Specialty Projects

Paradigm Power is a boutique energy company that specializes in projects that advance green technology and renewable energy. Since Paradigm's inception in 2016, we've championed the testing and application of new technology by providing financing, design, engineering, installation, and project management in the bleeding edge space of the green technology sector. Our success stories include vehicle-to-grid projects, grid-interactive microgrids, off-grid homes, DC-to-DC technology, and unique energy storage applications.

At Paradigm, we're passionate engineers, electricians, and technology buffs with a love for the projects that challenge us. If Paradigm is working on your project, it's most likely because you couldn't find another company with the expertise and experience to turn your green energy and sustainability dreams into reality. Below are some unique projects that we're passionately working.

SunTrain Concept

freight trains.png

Paradigm is working on a major project to solve the duck curve and expand access to utility scale green energy by utilizing the nations vast class-one freight rail system.

As the United States faces both an undeniable necessity to supplement the current disaster response mechanisms, as well as a rapidly evolving climate, the SunTrain concept provides a solution to both issues while signaling further national commitment to a more sustainable future. Sun Trains allow renewable energy to become widely accessible and reliable around the clock. This utilization of renewable stored energy would not only solve the increasingly problematic national energy issues, but it would further supplement the disaster response capacity of the United States. The SunTrain concept, upon scale, could become the backbone to the new bi-directional smart electrical grid that America so desperately needs.

COMING SOON: Off-Grid Sustainable Tree Home

Paradigm is proudly in the works of an early stage partnership with Atomic Ranch. This partnership will provide sustainable, disaster proof, communities featuring tree homes that will generate all the water, energy, soil, food, and natural light necessary to live a healthy, sustainable, and happy life. The way humans were meant to live. 

These communities will have secondary central services, public community spaces, roadways, electric vehicle charging, safety features, and much more.

Please check back later for more information.

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